About twenty-five to thirty years before Final Fantasy VII, Vincent was a member of the Turks, then known as Shinra Electric Power Company "Department of Administrative Research". Offensive: Obtained through the use of Blue (Support) and Purple (Independent) Materia. His gunfire could fend off Kadaj allowing him to save Cloud and escape. You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by. Name: Vincent Valentine Origin: Final Fantasy VII. My FF7 playlist: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=39AF849A9B463728Notably played in the Shinra Mansion when aquiring Vincent. Str Vit Mag Spr Dex ===== Cloud 1 6 3 4 26 Barret 5 2 18 14 29 Tifa 6 18 16 9 25 Aeris 23 20 0 1 28 Red 12 11 13 9 23 Yuffie 16 19 11 10 24 Cait Sith 19 22 6 4 28 Vincent 21 22 6 4 28 Cid 11 7 17 15 27 ===== Vincent Valentine Roles. Several of his spells cannot be reflected by shields or barriers. Accruing Experience Points allows party members to level up, enhancing their other stats. Notable spells include: While reluctant at first, Vincent finally decided to go with Cloud realizing that the pursue of Sephiroth could lead him to Hojo once again to finally settle the score of what began decades ago. Notable commands accessible through Command Materia include: Later on, Vincent engaged in the conflict against Deepground, despite the stress of Chaos' presence inside him, with little to no breaks and barely displayed exhaustion, despite the final battles lasting several hours. Support Materia needs to be linked with other Materia types and has an effect that will vary depending on the combination. One day, however, Cloud Strife arrived at the mansion, who said to be chasing Sephiroth. The procedure succeeded, but as Vincent woke up, he discovered himself as an abomination, much to his despair. Depending on if you're playing this game on a physical console or an emulator will determine how you use the codes found on this page. Vincent is a secret character that you can obtain from a small side quest in the Shinra Mansion. Vincent Valentine was born on October 13, 1950, and is 57 years old. Vincent also has limited control over Chaos, requiring the Protomateria to prevent himself from going berserk, if it would be taken away from him, he would lose himself to Chaos. When he was assigned to supervise the Jenova Project in Nibelheim, he fell in love with a scientist named Lucrecia Crescent, an assistant to Gast Faremis. Simply harnessing Chaos' power allowed him to easily follow Weiss, who completely overwhelmed him before, and later matched Omega Weiss) | Likely Massively FTL+ (The stronger Summons should be comparable to Bahamut SIN, who could fight the party in their weakened state, and superior to Bahamut Fury). This page contains CodeBreaker/Gameshark cheat codes for Final Fantasy VII for the Playstation 1. As the name implies, these are abilities used by enemies, which are learned when the user is directly affected by them. Stamina: Extremely high. During these transformations, Vincent's abilities are enhanced, and he can use exclusive moves that, while not quite as powerful as the Limit Break of his teammates, still offer increased damage and several different effects. 13 October. He wears a red bandanna with his fringe emerging over it. When he discovered her link to his deceased father, Grimoire Valentine, Lucrecia distanced herself from Vincent and entered a relationship with her associate, Professor Hojo. Energy Projection, Explosion Manipulation (the Death Penalty can shoots beams of energy, a continuous laser-like blast or create localized bursts) and Soul Absorption (the Death Penalty becomes stronger by consuming the life of the corrupted and wicked it fells on battle, which are shown to be the ones riddled with sins or negative emotions). Unemployed. Written by Super Moogle. While reluctant at first, Vincent finally decided to go with Cloud realizing that the pursue of Sephiroth could lead him to Hojo once again to finally settle the score of what began decades ago. … While each Magic Materia normally allows the use of a specific set of spells (such as Lightning allowing to use Bolt, Bolt2 or Bolt 3; or Mystify granting Berserk and Confu, both mind affecting spells), there exists the Master Magic Materia, which grants the user every spell in existence with the exception of the one of a kind Holy and Meteor. Striking Strength: Solar System Class (Capable of hurting Jenova and Sephiroth. Most Red Materia may call only the Summoned Beast they're named after; however, the Master Summon Materia allows the user to call any Summon they desire. Vincent Valentine is an optional party member in Final Fantasy VII and stars as the main playable character in the FFVII spin-off game Dirge of Cerberus. Specifically, this looks at a character’s HP, MP, Strength, Vitality, Dexterity, Magic, Spirit and Luck. This section about a character in Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- is empty or needs to be expanded. Unknown. Meckem Web Design. A Square based wrestling fighter with… Resistance to Banishment (despite entering the Planet's Core within the Lifestream itself, Vincent was not taken forcefully taken from the living world. All previous abilities, except for Metamorphize, plus: Statistics Amplification (all of his capabilities are enormously increased); True Flight; Explosiove Aura (Weapons can be seen engulfed in a blue energy and tends to result in being repelled when approaching them. Gender: Genderless Age: Around 2.000 of years old Additionally, can defeat ghosts and spectral enemies like his teammates. Weapon. Hometown. Remember when I said we’d get back to the internet nerds overly obsessing with a fictional woman? Know how to acquire more SP (skill points), how to use them, how to reset, & more! In his Chaos form he broke Azul out of his Arch form, which was almost invulnerable to all his attacks, with a single strike and proceeded to one shot him, and later single-handedly took down Weiss after he had taken the power of the Omega Weapon and grown much stronger as well) | Multi-Continent level to Solar System level (Summons range between these levels of power, starting with the likes of Ifrit, who is stated to capable of burning down the entire world, through the level of those comparable to Typhon, and closing with Knights of the Round who are superior to Bahamut Fury whose pocket dimension is large enough to contain a star and several planets), Speed: Massively FTL+ (At his peak, he's not far behind Cloud Strife in the Original Game; capable of fighting Safer Sephiroth) | Massively FTL+, likely higher (Much stronger than base. Elemental: Accessed through the Yellow Materia, these are special physical abilities granted to the user in the form of different available Commands and Actions during battle. Vincent Valentine is an optional playable character in Final Fantasy VII who since his introduction has gone to become one of the most popular characters in the compilation of FFVII, eventually becoming the main protagonist of Dirge of Cerberus - Final Fantasy VII. Check out this guide on how to farm and get SP fast in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R)! Even after thirty years of sleep, he is still able to fight on par with the greatest warriors on the planet such as Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, and his other allies, having a wealth of experience and knowledge combat that only became greater by travelling the Planet with his new teammates and fighting all sort of powerful monsters and enemies, including in his own fights in Dirge of Cerberus. Time Manipulation (via Haste, Slow and Stop); Poison Manipulation (via the Bio spells); Size Reduction (via Mini); Transmutation into Frogs (via Toad); Statistics Reduction (both the Frog and Small status reduce the enemy’s offensive capabilities); Power Nullification (via DeBarrier and DeSpell, as well as the Silence and Frog status); Sleep Inducement (via Sleepel); Petrification (side effect of Break); Limited Madness Manipulation (via Confu and a side-effect of Tornado); Berserk Inducement (via Berserk); Limited Teleportation (via Exit, only allows to escape from battles); Dimensional Banishment (via Remove). Vincent is a story character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. Having lived in the slums of Midgar for years, she has become street-smart, and has had to evade the Shinra many times. Vincent is a mystical man, stern and upright while at the same time dark and mysterious. Square-Enix. Contributor. Defeated most of the Tsviets without any outside help) | Solar System level, likely higher (Far stronger than before. A Full Featured Save Editor, Black Chocobo contains All The features you would expect. Character information for Vincent Valentine in Final Fantasy 7 Remake / FF7R. Meanwhile, Independent Materia grant boosts or new abilities for the user with no requirements to take effect. Magic; Summoning (of small meteorites via the Comet Spells); Matter Manipulation (via Flare, which creates an explosion of heat by colliding the targets atoms); Energy Projection (via Ultima); Elemental Manipulation (of the Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Earth and Gravity variety); Death Manipulation (via Death); Durability Negation (via the Demi/Gravity spells); Healing (via the Cure spells and FullCure), Purification (Type 3, via Poisona and Esuna) and Regeneration (Mid-Low via Regen); Damage Reduction via Barrier Creation (the Barrier, MBarrier and Shield effects reduce damage instead of blocking attacks); Attack Reflection (via Reflect). Summoning (of Summoned Beasts); Limited Dimensional Travel/Pocket Reality Manipulation (Summons draw enemies into a different dimension to unleash their attacks); Elemental Manipulation of different varieties: Fire (via Ifrit and Phoenix), Absolute Zero Cold (via Shiva), Lightning (via Ramuh), Earth (via Titan), Water via (Leviathan), Holy (via Alexander) and Multi-Elemental (Kujata attacks with Lightning, Ice, Fire and Earth in succession, Typhon does it at once, while the sorcerers of the Knights of the Round use the latter three elements); Energy Projection and Matter Manipulation (via Bahamut, Neo Bahamut and Bahamut ZERO, whose respectives Megaflare, Gigaflare and Teraflare, each attack stronger than the previous one, are more powerful versions of the Flare spell, and trigger a fusion reaction upon impact); Instant Death (via Odin); Spatial Manipulation (King Arthur's finishing strike in Knights of the Round destroys the dimension where the enemy had been taken to); Status Effect Inducement via Hades (Poison Manipulation, Sleep Inducement, Confusion, Silence Inducement, Transmutation into Frogs, Size Reduction, Time Slowdown and Paralysis Inducement) and Choco/Mog (Time Stop); Durability Negation (Bahamut, Neo Bahamut, Bahamut ZERO, Typhon and Knights of the Round ignore the defenses of any enemy). Final Fantasy VII Summary : An evil power company called Shinra has found a way to mine the planet's life energy, draining it and using it to control the universe. Gun. Here is a character by character comparison of each character’s stat growth as they level. Black Chocobo, FF7 Save Game Editor Current Version:1.10.0. Ironically enough, his Limit Break has him transform into an uncontrollable werewolf-like beast. Black Chocobo is a Free Software (gplv3) FF7 save game editor written in Qt. She uses a staff as her weapon and wears a pink ribbon in her hair. Considering himself guilty for having allowed Lucrecia to take part in the Jenova project and having failed to stop Hojo, Vincent abandoned the Turks and disappeared, choosing to seal himself in the hidden basement of the mansion where the experiments were carried out. purge]"Valentine" is a primarily masculine given name derived from the Roman family name Valentinus, which was derived from the Latin word valens, which means "strong and healthy". Final Fantasy Kingdom, the final word in fantasy. This is a novelization of Final Fantasy VII, but mostly from Vincent's perspective. Later, he easily broke out from Nero's attempt to trap him in his darkness); Mind Manipulation and Memory Manipulation (his mind has grown strong enough to not collapse nor be eroded under the weight of the Spirit Energy of the Lifestream, and through the powers of Chaos he is unaffected by Nero's Tainted Lifestream); Soul Manipulation, Soul Absorption and Empathic Manipulation (his spirit was not forcefully diffused nor reabsorbed by the Lifestream); Biological Absorption, Deconstruction and Matter Manipulation (his physical body wasn't absorbed nor was dissolved by the Lifestream to retake his Spirit Energy); Corruption (Types 2 and 3, despite immense exposure to Spirit Energy, on several occasions, he never became a Makonoid, and later thanks, to the powers of Chaos inside him, the Tainted Lifestream had no effect on him. Vincent is commonly associated with vampire iconography, even though he is not a vampire. Exp is earned from battles that have a battle results s… Like Magic and Summon Materia, every Command Materia typically grants a specific set of skills, however the Master Command Materia gives the user the majority of the available Commands, with the exception of dual actions (W-Magic, W-Summon, W-Item, and 2x/4x-Cut), the Slash All ability (which is replaced by its advanced form Flash) and the extraordinary Enemy Skill Materia. The first major consideration is which characters have the best stats. While the remake is loyal to the original game in many–though not all–respects, it’s also established a precedent of taking optional events in the original and making them scripted. One of the two “secret” characters in the game, Vincent is the ultimate man of mystery. Age. Offensive: Called by the Red Materia, this Materia allows the user to summon otherworldly entities who take their opponents into an alternate dimension where they unleash a devastating attack. … Superhuman Physical Characteristics; Master Marksman with several kinds of firearms; Expert Martial Artist; Enhanced Awareness and Reflexes; Acrobatics; Regeneration (Low-Mid); Immortality (Types 1, 2 and 3); Self-Sustenance (Type 2); Limited Flight (thanks to his mutated body, Vincent can momentarily stay afloat in the air); Minor Energy Absorption (can absorb smaller sources of energy, such as Mako Points, to restore his own power); Transformation (via his Limit Break, Metamorphize, which let him transform into four different monster forms); Non-Physical Interaction (able to fight ghosts and spectral enemies, such as Nero's duplicates made of tainted Lifestream); Regeneration Negation (Up to Low-High, the pieces of Jenova, even cells, destroyed by the party are gone for good and can't be used for the Reunion to rebuild Jenova's body); Immortality Negation (Types 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8. Was able to destroy Azul's Arch form with a single strike, when before he had trouble even damaging it. Attack Variants: A special ability accessed through the unique Enemy Skill Command Materia. A character with a ranking of “1” has the highest of any character as it relates to that specific stat. no, you haven't missed him. Weiss had difficulty blocking the firepower of the Death Penalty, when before he could easily deflect his Gunfire) | Multi-Continent Class to Solar System Class (High-tier Summons range between these levels of power, with the Knights of the Round being stronger than Bahamut Fury), Durability: Solar System level, possibly higher (withstood Sephiroth's Supernova. For example, Yuffie has the highest Luck of any character. Vincent Valentine Vital Statistics. Unlike his teammates, he doesn't use his Spirit Energy to unleash an extremely powerful attack, instead, due to the horrific experiments Hojo performed on him, he can transform into different types of creatures, each a homage to different kinds of horror monsters. Tier: 4-B, possibly higher by itself, likely higher when merged with Vincent Name: Chaos Origin: Final Fantasy VII. Damage Boost (via Deathblow); Transmutation (via Morph); Body Puppetry (via Manipulate); Information Analysis (via Sense); Limited Power Mimicry (via Mime to himself and his allies); Death Manipulation (via Flash). Resistance to: Healing and Regeneration Negation (by the time of their final battle, his Healing Magic works despite Sephiroth’s nullification). Final Fantasy is a of Square-Enix Co. Ltd. All images, music, logo's, etc are Square-Enix. Resistance to Elemental Manipulation of the Fire, Absolute Zero Ice, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Water, Gravity and Holy variety (via the Elemental Materia, which protects the user from different elements when linked with Magic and Summon Materia in their armor); Status Effect Inducement which includes Poison Manipulation (as well as Acid Manipulation); Sleep Inducement; Silence Inducement; Transmutation; Power Nullification; Petrification; Size Manipulation; Madness Manipulation; Berserk Inducement; Time Manipulation, Time Stop and Death Manipulation (via Added Effect, which protects the user from different ailments when combined with Magic and Summon Materia in their armor); as well as to Extreme Pressure (via Undertwater, which prevents the user from being affected by the conditions of the bottom of the ocean). He has a dark and mysterious past, and fights solely to atone for the sins he believes he himself to have committed. Statistics Amplification (via his transformations which increase his natural capabilities); Energy Manipulation (can empower his attacks with Spirit Energy during his Limit Breaks for greater power and different effects); Attack Boost in the form of raw damage boost (via the special attacks of his Limit Breaks, which are stated to reach power much greater than the usual capabilities of the user) and Additional Effects: Fire Manipulation, Homing Attack and Durability Negation (via Beast Flare, which goes through regular defenses); Electricity Manipulation (via Livewire), Status Effect Inducement (Sleep Inducement, Poison Manipulation, Silence Inducement, Madness Manipulation, Transmutation into Frogs and Size Minimization via Nightmare).

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