World-wide, frankincense is of great economic and social importance as an important element of incense and perfumes. Pictogram Guide you may also see symbol definition in a pop-up window by mouse-pointing on pictogram, ©Top Tropicals LLC, 2003 - The Frankincense tree Boswellia papyrifera is an important resource in the semiarid lower highlands of eastern Africa but its populations are declining due to human pressure and environmental degradation. 1,582 boswellia seeds products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which herbal extract accounts for 4%, flower bulbs, seeds & seedlings accounts for 1%. Boswellia Sacra: Grade 3, Amber, Brown High Grade Hojari is the frankincense resin collected from the boswellia sacra tree in Oman.    The four main species of Boswellia, B. sacra (synonyms B. carteri and B. bhaw-dajiana), B. frereana, B. papyrifera, and B. serrata, produce true frankincense, and each type of resin is available in various grades. It is found in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Sudan, Uganda and Eritrea (Vollesen 1989).    is a deciduous gum-producing multipurpose perennial tree species growing in Sudanian and Sahelian regions. Franckinsense is a sacred resin which is used in a wide variety of products such as perfumes, oils or traditional remedies. The most popular color? 31-36 ISSN: 0378-1127 Subject: Amyris papyrifera Delile. Hochst is a dryland tree species native to Ethiopia and widely known for its frankincense production. The grades depend on the time of harvesting, and the resin is hand sorted for quality.. A wide variety of boswellia seeds options are available to you, such as msds, fda, and gmp. In ANRS, the woodlands dominated by B.papyrifera stands are identified in nine zones covering 34 No Image. Boswellia papyrifera produces the widely traded white incense and is distributed in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Nigeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Sudan, Chad and north-east Uganda (Vollesen, 1989). This area is renowed for the best quality of frankincense in the world. Despite its multiple benefits, is nowadays reported to be in plight conditions and needs priority in conservation (Marshall, 1998). MD_PrintYear(); Boswellia sacra is a small deciduous tree, which reaches a height of 2 to 4 meters, with one or more trunks. This catalog is for information only. Comprende 40 especies descritas y de estas, solo 30 aceptadas. The seeds of B. papyrifera used for the present study were collected from stands found at Lemlem Terara, which is located in Metema District of North Gondar Zone (NGZ) in the Amhara National Regional State (ANRS), Ethiopia ().Lemlem Terara is situated at about 205 km west of Gondar town, between 36°17′–36°48′ E and 12°39′–12°45′ N. The altitude of Metema ranges from 810 to 990 In a study in 2006, Frans Bongers, an ecologist at Wageningen University & Research, in the Netherlands, sounded early warning. Hoschst is a deciduous tree species found in the Broad-leaved Deciduous woodlands of Ethiopia. //--> Hochst. Its fruit is a drupe, about 2 cm long and usually contains three tapered seeds (Gebrehiwot et al., 2003). The species is widely known for its frankincense. Study sites: The effect of tapping treatment on Boswellia papyrifera flowering and seed production (in different sized trees) was determined at three sites with distinctly different tapping histories: Atawen (14 years without tapping); Adi-Ketina (4 years without tapping); and Ferhen (tapped every year), in … Hochst is one of those species with multiple economic and ecological benefits in Africa. Boswellia papyrifera Family: Burseraceae Boswellia Origin: Northeastern Africa. In the Horn of Africa, frankincense (an aromatic wood resin) is obtained by tapping Boswellia papyrifera trees. Boswellia sacra is technically classified as an herb, however I found it difficult to acquire either a start or seeds of this plant.. Similar plants: Boswellia sacra, Boswellia carteri, Boswellia undulato crenata (Frankincense, Olibanum Tree) Boswellia sp. Hochst natural stands, we studied the association of parasitic plants with B. papyrifera trees from which frankincense was tapped and marketed for domestic and export markets. rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit. 1. He is from Yemen and Somalia. In Ethiopia, B. papyrifera grows in dry Combretum–Terminalia woodlands and wooded grasslands in the north (Bekele et al., 1993). B. papyrifera is a deciduous tree, reaching a height of 16 m with a rounded pole, thick branches and compound leaves that comprise sweet-scented flowers to attract honeybees for pollination. Hochst is one of those species with multiple economic and ecological benefits in Africa. For essential oils, the ground resins of the three Boswellia species: B. papyrifera, B. neglecta, and B. rivae were submitted for 3 h to hydrodistillation using a Clevenger-type apparatus. We hypothesize that this is because of