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Celine J. Pastore

Celine J. Pastore

Financial Advocate

Imagine What’s Next. Plan Today. Own Tomorrow.

But it will take planning. Hope is not a very reliable strategy. If you want to own your future you must begin to plan for retirement….today. Lets discuss how we may be able to assist you in creating a plan to potentially remove the “un” from the unprepared, uncertain, and unpleasant things that life can throw your way.
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I personally lived through watching my mother, a self-made businesswomen, suffer loss and humiliation when she lost everything to the “system” when my dad ended up on Medicaid in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s (even after she thought they did everything right). That’s when I decided to make it my lives mission to do what ever I could to help educate and empower women, as their personal financial advocate, so they could better plan and prepare themselves from having to experience the same type of pain and loss in their lives. Lets discuss how we may be able to assist you in creating a plan to potentially remove the “un” from unprepared, uncertain, and unpleasant things that life can throw your way.

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Women have unique challenges when it comes to planning their retirement. The good news is that we tend to live longer. The bad news is that it takes more money and puts more pressure on our retirement accounts to pay for that long life. We also have a higher risk of premature widowhood and divorce, forcing us to fend for ourselves earlier than we may have planned.

Everyday PIRS

Ideal for:

Sassy PIRS

Ideal for:
$500K – $1.5 Million Saved

Designer PIRS

Ideal for:
$2 Million & up Saved

Celine believes that regardless of where you are in life, that you need to create a plan that helps to give you the peace of mind of independence and security, regardless of what happens around you.

That’s where the P.I.R.S. strategy comes in. We can work with you to customize a financial plan for you based on your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple Everyday P.I.R.S. to get you going, or if you’re ready for an all out Designer P.I.R.S. to cover everything from healthcare to estate planning needs, we have a P.I.R.S. for you. Give us a call to find out more and to begin strutting your new P.I.R.S. with confidence!

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